July 24, 2024

Clever Course – Education / LMS

Download Clever Course - Education / LMS by GoodLayers. This item is under the category: wordpress/education and had a total of 4531 sales.


The Clever Course – Education / LMI theme includes numerous plugins to make your website unique. After downloading the theme, you can customize it according to your preferences. This LMS theme includes a one-click demo installation that allows you to see the live demo of your website. It also offers several eye-catching colors, which make your site more appealing to visitors. You can change the fonts, colors, and layouts to suit your needs.

Clever Course is a professional Learning Management System WordPress theme that offers powerful features for managing knowledge flow. Its flexible design makes it easy to create courses and sell them online and onsite. It also has a powerful page builder, so you can create your own custom pages. The features of Clever include a user-friendly, stars-rated homepage slider and a customizable course layout. The Clever Course theme is available for both free and premium licenses.

This fully responsive theme is ideal for education and training businesses. It includes all the LMS features and tools you need to create a beautiful website. It is designed with a flexible WordPress theme, called Academia, which makes it suitable for creating an offline learning center or delivering online courses. You can even add a large full-screen homepage slider to highlight the most important features of your website.

The Clever Course – Education / LMI theme comes with a number of educational features. It offers users a chance to create impressive badges and certificates, as well as uploading terms and conditions. It also has features for timetables and ongoing information about your courses. It has an integrated rating system that helps users leave feedback on your courses. The stars-rating feature allows users to rate the courses based on how enjoyable or difficult they found them.

The Clever Course – Education / LMIS wordpress theme has all the LMS features and tools you need to create a beautiful website. Its flexible theme, Academia, is a WordPress theme that’s ideal for creating a learning management system (LMS). It’s a flexible solution and comes with a full-screen homepage slider that highlights the most important features of your website.

Clever Course – Education / LMM wordpress theme is designed to support the education industry. It has a range of multipurpose features that can be customized according to your requirements. Its customizability is another major benefit of this theme. It can be installed and customized in minutes, making it suitable for different purposes. Theme options make it easy for you to update and make changes to the theme.