May 21, 2022

Gillion | Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine & Shop WordPress AMP Theme

Download Gillion | Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine & Shop WordPress AMP Theme by Shufflehound. This item is under the category: wordpress/blog-magazine/news-editorial and had a total of 3874 sales.


17+ pre-built demos

Gillion has been pre-made for you with 15+ fully functional high-quality website demos that are ready to be customized and released as soon as possible.

With six versatile multi-purpose demos that can be extended far beyond normal WordPress limits, and six special-purpose sites ready to deploy, we know you’ll love Gillion.

Fashion – this demo is perfect for the fashionista who needs a feature-rich glam website with all the trimmings. Perfect for Brand Labels, Fashion Magazine Sites, On Style Websites or Design Trend Websites, Fashion is glitz and glamor optimized for the industry and ready to dominate with just a few clicks. To take a look at!

To clean – the Clean demo is really trendy for the minimalist look. Lots of clean space, soft edges, and smooth typography really make Clean look sophisticated. Still a feature-rich design with social media integration and reading time indicators, yet simple to set up and great publishing in no time, with no coding required. Preview now!

Staff – our personal demo is perfect for the full niche blog that wants powerful features but a sleek look. Personal emphasizes content first and comes with powerful homepage sliders, author choice, latest post widgets, and a start menu that can be easily expanded using the dashboard. theme options.

Foodie – the Foodie demo was designed for the chefs among us. Ready to take on the world with a global food blog? Gourmet is made for you. With built-in email marketing through MailChimp to help you build your almighty list and specific placements for advertising or affiliate marketing, the sky really is the limit with Foodie. Great for restaurants, takeout, food reviews, food trucks and more. Take a look inside Foodie!

Technology – Another outstanding demo that demonstrates the power of Gillion, Tech is a clean looking website but packed with features like the Trending Items indicator, our smart bookmarks system and of course the all important Reviews module which is very handy to help you create that immersive. the user experience at the heart of your new website. Perfect for reviews, tech news, blogs and more. Check it out!

Way of life – is big, brassy and bold with content front and center in dazzling high-res glory, perfect for that sassy new lifestyle site that you know is going to take the world by storm. Packed with all features but content is the queen approach Lifestyle grabs your Instagram feed and turns it into a bold full screen gallery, is set up with Trending Slider and Latest Posts vs Popular Posts widgets to display top rated items. Suss out Lifestyle here.

Bookmark system

Clever stuff! The bookmark system allows users to connect to your website and create a later reading list from the content they like the most. A simple and elegant yet overlooked solution, Gillion takes the bookmarking system and cleverly places it in every demo to give you the edge over the competition when it comes to choosing the right theme for your website.

Review module – the review module allows you to create an overall rating for your review, as well as a list of pros and cons, and a slider system that gives you the ability to create a rating system for different factors in your review .

Post-reading time – another elegant solution sometimes overlooked but highly appreciated by your customers, the Post Read Time is exactly that. A clock icon that shows how long it takes to read your article. Simple, but clever!

Post View Counter – have you ever wanted to easily show how many times your posts have been viewed but had to default to another plugin? Ugh. We hate that, so we included it in Gillion by default.

Versatile Versatile Layouts

Post Layouts are a great way to add flair and flair to your site with consistency. They take content and style it, much like CSS does in HTML, but without the required coding. You can use adaptive grid, simple grid, mixed grid or a range of other options to easily bring your content to life.

Open article layouts take post layouts one step further with five different open layout styles that suit a range of different purposes. Full width for glamorous high resolution photography, or left and right blocks with or without a sidebar.

Slider layouts Avoid the hassle of trying to run professional sliders when you may not be used to them. With our pre-made layouts, you can choose from Carousel, Boxed, Fullwidth, Fancy, and Mosaic with just a few simple clicks. Add your own content and you’re done. Huzah!

Drag and drop page builder

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