December 1, 2021

Listify – Directory WordPress Theme

Download Listify - Directory WordPress Theme by Astoundify. This item is under the category: wordpress/corporate/directory-listings and had a total of 18391 sales.


This won’t be the first time you search for a directory theme, but it will be the last time. Because with Listify, you have more than you could ever want or need.

Whether you know it or not, many of the websites you visit are powered by directories.

  • When you buy a home, real estate sites display ads.
  • When you buy a car, auto sites display ads.
  • When you choose a restaurant, review sites display listings.
  • When you book a vacation, travel sites display listings.

Your site will be a thing of beauty. Let’s be honest, the problem with most of these sites, while very functional, is that a lot of them don’t look very pretty. This is why the beauties are so popular because they combine great photographs with fantastic functionality.

This is what we did with Listify.

Get started quickly

You want to create a reservation system quickly, we offer integrations with the best reservation services in the industry. We currently support Open Table, Resurva, and WooCommerce reservations.

You plug in your account information and our theme will connect the systems. The result will be the fastest, most beautiful booking site you have ever created.

Google will love you

Have you noticed that when Google returns searches there are sometimes notes next to the ads and sometimes not? We won’t bore you with the schematic details, but we can tell you that your site, due to the way we coded Listify, will display fine. Google will love you, and your potential customers too.

Your income is waiting for you

Due to the variety of WooCommerce payment gateways and extensions, you can just as easily create:

  • A gift voucher site
  • A restaurant guide
  • A membership / association site

The potential is limitless, just based on what you can imagine.

Powerful plugin integration

Let’s talk about all the features you can combine with this theme. The theme integrates directly with the following plugins:

  • Forms of gravity
  • NinjaShapes
  • Contact form 7
  • FacetWP
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce product providers
  • WooCommerce subscription extension
  • WooCommerce Reservations Extension
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extensions

To be clear, the theme does not come with these plugins. You’ll need to download them yourself (and some may require purchase).

What we have done, however, is code the theme to support and style the integration with these plugins so that you can add all the features you love, while still looking great!

Earn money with Listify

Did we mention that you could use it to make money?

Before we decide whether or not this is the best theme ever, let’s point out another way to make money with this theme.

We’ve already hinted that you can charge for any of the following:

  • Add ad
  • Claim an ad
  • See a list
  • To make a reservation
  • Make an appointment
  • Access to the site

But we went even further by also taking charge of advertising space. So even if you don’t want to charge anything else, you can still generate ad revenue. Listify is a mixture of beauty, functionality and ease.

It’s more than a pretty theme. It’s more than just a highly functional tool. It is also incredibly easy to enjoy for end users.

  • Let them record an ad with our Bookmarks support
  • Let them search for an ad by location or zip code
  • Let them see a map of all local listings
  • Let them create submissions without logging into the admin interface
  • Let them share or visit an ad’s social media sites

And this is in addition to the features and integrations we have already mentioned, like OpenTable, Resurva, WooCommerce Bookings! Create the directory site of your dreams!

Please Note: This sale is for the Listify WordPress theme alone. In order to take full advantage of the theme, additional WordPress plugins are required. Some premium plugins may require additional purchase.


  • WP Job Manager (free)
  • WooCommerce (free)

Our demo uses these additional premium plugins:

These plugins are not necessary for your website to work and only necessary if you need the additional features provided. To learn more about why these plugins are not bundled with the theme, check out these articles about the issue.

  • WooCommerce social login
  • Products for WP Job Manager
  • Extended location for WP Job Manager
  • List of complaints for WP Job Manager
  • List of payments for WP Job Manager

Change log and update history

= 3.0.0: September 24, 2021 =

  • New: Added a new “Modern Vintage” skin.

= 2.14.3: August 25, 2021 =

  • Fixed: scrolling problem when sending the list form with error.
  • Correction: WordPress 5.8 compatibility.

= 2.14.2: June 1, 2021 =

  • Fixed: List form submission issues.

= 2.14.1: May 20, 2021 =

  • New: list widget based on user location
  • New: Pagination of reviews
  • Bug fix: Unindexed tag issue resolved
  • Bug fix: HTML5 issue on Firefox resolved
  • Bug fix: WordPress 5.7.2 compatibility

= …


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