July 18, 2024

PointFinder | Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Download PointFinder | Directory & Listing WordPress Theme by Webbu. This item is under the category: wordpress/corporate/directory-listings and had a total of 3932 sales.


Point Finder Directory Theme was designed to allow you to create an SEO and directory site as you wish. You can create your own custom system in minutes with its customizable fields and search system. Point Finder gives you a lot of control over Google Map, and it is unique with its superior features. The websites you can create with Point Finder are only limited by your imagination…

Theme Features:

  • Quick setup: You can complete your theme setup in minutes. Moreover, you can choose any of our demo websites and create it exactly the same way.
  • Advanced documents: You can access all information about Point Finder with our help documentation. You can view our easy-to-understand documentation with a step-by-step configuration description online.
  • Google Map geolocation: We have used the Google Map geolocation feature in Point Finder to the best of our abilities. You can position your visitors and easily view your properties or objects at a specified distance.
  • Google map style: You can create custom maps on Point Finder Google Map by styling. You can find detailed information on how to do this in our help documentation.
  • Google maps group: You can group congested cluster points with the Google Map Cluster feature and adjust the characteristics of these groups with the admin panel.
  • Customizable stitches: You can easily create your points without downloading, whether for categories or for each article, thanks to the personalized configuration of points that we offer.
  • Multiple points: You can easily add with this system which has been designed for several articles located at the same address and show them all to your visitors.
  • Customizable information windows: You can customize the information windows that open when you click on points with this feature. You can adjust their color, size and content to your liking from the admin panel.
  • Ajax features: You can make different selections in multi-point systems thanks to the Point Finder AJAX framework. For example, you can ensure that only the displayed points are loaded and that these points are increased when changing zones. Loading when you zoom in or zoom out on your map is another feature you can use in this section.
  • Mail template system: You can customize many emails sent to your users and admin with Point Finder email system. You can configure the SMTP infrastructure from this system and change many features, such as email theme colors.
  • Front-end download system: You can ensure that your visitors download to your website with this system. You can allow them to download for free or you can set a price per item. You can make additional prizes in special listings with the Featured Points feature.
  • Social Login System: You can make sure users who want to sign up on your website do so easily through Facebook and Twitter. You can also facilitate their connections with this method.
  • Recurring and direct Paypal payments: Thanks to the Point Finder system which is fully integrated with Paypal, you can allow your visitors to choose the Paypal Recurring or Paypal Direct Payment options when downloading their articles. In addition to this, you can also run your system with bank transfer option and offline payment method.
  • Paypal IPN system: You can leave the tracking of processes like cancellation and termination of agreement in recurring payments to Point Finder IPN system. In such cases, it will make instant changes to the system, thus saving you a lot of work.
  • Order tracking system: Point Finder tracks every payment due and gives you a detailed report. You can track payments and processes for all items your users have uploaded to your system.
  • Visual Composer page builder: You can use existing Visual Composer elements and special Point Finder shortcuts that we added through our theme which uses the latest version of Visual composer. With this, you can create your pages without writing lines just by clicking and dragging with your mouse. You can use the shortcuts we created for you beforehand with Templatera, which is a Visual Composer plugin and comes bundled with our theme.
  • Responsive layout: Point Finder is fully mobile friendly and you can run it on any device as it is fully compatible with IOS, Android and other smartphone systems.
  • Revolution slider: With this great add-on that comes with Point Finder, you can create cursors as you like.
  • Customizable Item Details: You can create the information fields you want in your item details with Point Finder. Without depending on previously defined fields and without writing a line of code, you can create rich content by clicking and dragging.
  • Customizable search area: You can search for any criteria in your maps and search for widgets with Point Finder. You can match search criteria with any custom fields you enter and create a search system completely customized by you.