December 6, 2021

RealHomes – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

Download RealHomes - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme by InspiryThemes. This item is under the category: wordpress/real-estate and had a total of 27697 sales.


RealHomes is a hand-crafted WordPress theme for real estate websites. It offers design variations, a high level of customization and advanced features.

It is a real estate solution designed for:

  • Independent real estate agents and agencies to create the websites of their dreams.
  • People looking for a real estate reservation solution, like vacation rentals.
  • Professional real estate agents to market and sell their projects.
  • People looking for a solution to build real estate websites where sellers can publish their ads for a fee OR a paid membership package. Free submissions are also supported.
  • It can be customized for various other scenarios.

RealHomes theme gracefully presents listing information to website visitors, collects inquiries / leads, and facilitates real estate business owners by making property management easier and affordable.

It is regularly updated and well maintained software. The team behind RealHomes is constantly working on its improvements. So it’s getting better with each update.

Last version 3.15.1 – Updated September 19, 2021 – See the changelog
recently added More Elementor widgets, more gallery layouts, custom pricing and iCalendar sync for vacation rentals, a mobile-friendly viewer for images, videos and maps, agent contact enhancements, Stripe SCA compliance, WooCommerce payment add-on, card design variations for templates, single agent demo, vacation Rentals reservations and payments with availability calendar, saved real estate searches with email alerts , currency selector

Information on user access to the demo

Username and password = demo (This user has the role of contributor)

RealHomes provides advanced real estate search functionality that is powerful and customizable to meet various business needs. You can show / hide any field in the search form, you can add new fields to the search form, and you can customize the data that will be displayed in these fields. You can display multiple location fields. You can change the Min and Max price values. You can modify the search behaviors and values โ€‹โ€‹of the beds and baths fields. In short, you can customize the search form to meet your needs.

The RealHomes theme also includes an Elementor widget for the fully customizable real estate search form.

If you plan to use your website for property bookings, activating the vacation rentals plugin (included for free) converts the default property search form to a vacation rental search form.

Extensibility of locations up to 4 levels

RealHomes theme offers location field extensibility up to 4 levels to produce search fields such as Country> State> City> Zone. These fields work based on the location hierarchy and you can manage the location hierarchy data from the admin side of WordPress. The levels / numbers and labels of these drop-down lists are fully customizable from the customization settings.

Real estate search form on the image

The search form on the image function can be activated for the meta boxes of the host template. It replaces the cursor area with an elegant search form on a background image. Real Homes also provides associated customization settings to fully customize the image, search form fields, text titles, colors, and margins.

Integration of OpenStreetMap and Google Maps

RealHomes includes OpenStreetMap (free) and Google Maps (free up to a limit) integration which allows you to display maps with property markers. By default, OpenStreetMaps is used and Google Maps is only used if an associated API key is provided in the settings.

Compare properties

RealHomes provides a property comparison feature that allows your website visitors to add properties to a comparison pool and later compare those properties side by side. Visitors do not need to log in to use this feature.

Various layouts with custom filters and sorting

RealHomes theme includes various page templates for showing properties in list layout, grid layout, and half-card layout. These templates are also supported with meta boxes to filter and sort properties based on custom criteria. So basically you can make any kind of custom page that shows properties based on your custom filters and sorting.

The RealHomes theme includes templates for displaying properties in a gallery layout with a quick filter based on property status.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use settings

The RealHomes theme and included plugins provide a full set of settings to help you customize all the important things related to your website without going into code.

Customizable price format and URL Slugs

The Easy Real Estate plugin included with the RealHomes theme, provides basic real estate settings using which you can customize the price format to any currency format in the world and you can also customize the URL slugs according to your needs.

Easy to use administrator side interface

RealHomes provides a rich set of easy-to-use meta boxes and settings. You can easily …

RealHomes - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

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