July 18, 2024

RealPlaces – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

Download RealPlaces - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme by InspiryThemes. This item is under the category: wordpress/real-estate and had a total of 3796 sales.


Real Places is a premium WordPress theme for real estate websites. It has a purpose-oriented design and offers decent design variations with flexibility and customization to meet various requirements. This theme has tons of useful features related to real estate and you can learn more about these features through live preview and details provided below.

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Advanced and customizable real estate search

This theme includes advanced property search functionality which is not only powerful but also fully customizable to meet various requirements. You can choose which fields you want to display, in what order you want those fields to appear, and what data will be displayed in those fields. You can display multiple location fields to provide search behavior such as State > City > Area. You can edit the values ​​in the price-related fields. You can also decide what the property search results page should look like and how many properties it should show and those properties should be sorted in what order.

Google Map with property markers

This theme includes Google Map support which allows you to display Google Map with property markers on search results page, property view pages, property details page, home, contact page and taxonomy archive pages.

Drag and drop layout manager for homepage

Using the drag-and-drop layout manager for the homepage, you can show or hide and arrange the homepage modules in any order you like. You can also use wpbakery page builder in the homepage content module to add custom content to the homepage.

Different layouts to display multiple properties

This theme includes various page templates to display multiple properties. These templates include a full set of meta boxes to filter and sort properties to meet any requirement. So basically you can create a page containing any number of properties having any layout and those properties can be of any type, status, location and functionality OR any combination thereof. You can also filter properties based on information such as bedrooms, bathrooms, prices, etc.

3 different variations for the property detail page

This theme offers 3 different design variations for the property detail page. You can switch between any variation of theme options.

Easy to use meta boxes

The Real Places theme provides a rich set of meta boxes, to let you easily add and edit information and media files to a property.

Additional Details Meta Boxes

Real Places provides a very easy to use interface to add/edit/delete additional details related to a property. This feature can be used in a number of ways, including adding a certain type of information for which there is no other meta box available.

Property Attachments

You can provide different types of files (pdf, office documents, images, etc.) as attachments to a property. This feature can be used in a variety of innovative ways to share more details about a property.

Floor plans

You can add property-related floor plans using a very intuitive user interface provided on the add/edit property page in the WordPress admin side. Each floor plan can have its own description, image, price, and other specifications like size, beds, baths, etc.

Similar properties on the property detail page

You can view the similar properties module on the property detail page to view properties similar to the current property.

Various custom widgets

This theme provides and supports various custom widgets needed in a real estate website.

Support for child/sub properties on property detail page

Support for child properties is provided, so you can add a large building with child units/sub-units to display each with different information and prices. For example, a building with 3 different types of apartments, each with different bedrooms, bathrooms, size and price.

3 different layouts to display agents

This theme includes three 3 different page templates to display agents in 2 column, 3 column and 4 column.

User registration, login (support social login) and password recovery

The Real Places theme provides a front-end dialog for user registration, login and password support that allows your website users to enjoy member-only features.

Social Login support is added in Real Places version 1.4.0 and makes it easy for user to login using any social network like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Frontend property submission and modification

You can configure the front-end property submit and edit functionality in this theme to allow your website members to submit a property.

List of submitted properties

A registered user can see a list of properties only he or she…