July 18, 2024

VideoTube – Responsive Video WordPress Theme

Download VideoTube - Responsive Video WordPress Theme by phpface. This item is under the category: wordpress/blog-magazine and had a total of 4880 sales.


Themeforest has released a new responsive video WordPress theme called VideoTube, which is compatible with oEmbed protocol. The premium version of the video sharing WP template is completely free and supports unlimited videos. The responsive theme is ideal for websites wishing to display multiple videos on their pages. This free video WordPress theme is fully responsive and fully customizable. You can embed videos from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

The video player in VideoTube allows you to embed videos from the major video hosting websites. It is compatible with the oEmbed protocol and Iframe/embed code. You can embed any number of videos. However, you need to install an AdBlock on your website or use another web browser to watch the video. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually load the entire video.

Unlike other video themes, VideoTube enables you to embed videos from giant sites like YouTube and Hulu. You can easily share your videos from any device. Moreover, the theme’s support for oEmbed and Iframe allows you to embed unlimited videos on a single page. While using this video WordPress Theme, you’ll need to use another web browser to view the videos.

The VideoTube enables you to easily embed videos in your website. It also supports oEmbed protocol, so you can easily embed YouTube videos. In addition to this, you can also embed videos from other websites using the Iframe/embed code. The video player is fully responsive and compatible with WordPress 3.1 and higher. The VideoTube features many great features, such as support for oEmbed protocol and oEmbed.

Besides being responsive, VideoTube – ResponsiveVideo WordPress Theme lets you embed videos on your site. It supports oEmbed protocol and Iframe/embed code, so you can embed unlimited videos on your website. To embed videos in WordPress, you need to enable AdBlock plugin. If you have AdBlock, it will block the video.

This video WordPress theme offers many features. You can embed videos from your YouTube channel and embed them into your blog posts. You can also embed videos from other websites using the oEmbed protocol. The oEmbed protocol allows you to insert your video in an existing page. The videos can be embedded in any page of your site. You can add an unlimited number of videos.

Another free video WordPress theme is VideoTube – Responsible Video Theme. This free WordPress theme is a responsive video portfolio and website. Its sidebar and featured content section let you post videos. This theme is compatible with a wide range of plugins and has a live customizer for ease of use. Theme options are easy to use. It is also fully compatible with WooCommerce and all of the popular plugins for your website.