December 6, 2021

WoodMart – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Download WoodMart - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme by xtemos. This item is under the category: wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce and had a total of 34515 sales.


WoodMart WooCommerce WordPress Theme

WoodMart is a premium theme optimized for building WooCommerce online stores that provides super-fast interface for ultimate user experience

Business, market, retail

“If you build it, they will come”

“WoodMart” is a premium WordPress theme designed from scratch for construction
WooCommerce Supreme Online Stores of any kind. Axed on user experience first WoodMart uses a powerful AJAX technology to give users a very fast and transparent online shopping interface without needing to constantly refresh the pages.

Build any type of online shop you can imagine and start earning that passive income stream you have been thinking with ‘WoodMart’ for WordPress and never look back.

All-in-one e-commerce solution

WoodMart WooCommerce Theme doesn’t require tons of plugins to run your online store. The most important features are out of the box, and you don’t need to buy anything more. Wish list, comparison, product samples, AJAX filters, built-in slider and other features will save you from installing at least 10-20 unnecessary plugins. Use our quick Setup wizard and manage your online store with just a few clicks.

Theme settings panel

With a powerful Theme settings panel that allows you to change a plethora of One-click theme settings, you no coding experience needed. Without needing several plugins to feed it WoodMart is smart, light and fast, So that you can continue your business. The Theme Settings panel gives you a graphical interface to make simple changes quickly and easily.

Fully customizable

Everything has been refined and developed to meet your customization requests with a minimum of fuss so you are left with a highly customizable website that can adapt to your change requests easily and quickly.

Change your fonts, update your color scheme it’s up to you to meet your brand guidelines, update your samples to display multiple product variants – everything is accessible from the familiarity of the intuitive WordPress dashboard.

Optimized for Google page speed

Website performance is one of the key factors of Google rankings from 2021. With WoodMart WordPress theme, you no longer need to struggle with slow websites. We have spent hundreds of hours experimenting and implementing the best techniques speed optimization and performance area. WoodMart has a unique mechanism to load CSS and JS files only on the pages where they are needed. And it will reduce the total page size 2-3 times compared to other WordPress themes.

Responsive design

Of course, WoodMart offers a completely responsive design this is manipulated to best adapt to the device on which it is viewed. This means you can continue with the best part like list of items for sale, create a shop that kills and leave the technical stuff to the developers.

We guarantee that your website will be are displayed smoothly on all devices type you can think of with no extra effort on your part – laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets – have been carefully thought out and included in this smart website theme design.

Retina ready

We have also ensured that your new websitewill be displayed with the highest possible pixel density depending on the user’s device. If it turns out to be a retina ready device then this display will light up with colors which are simply out of this world.

Get the most out of your photography with this retina ready theme for WordPress, you will not regret it.

SEO optimization

SEO is like the most popular buzzword of the decade, but in layman’s terms, that means your website needs to be coded a certain way so that Search engines like Google and Bing can find the right things he needs, to classify your page correctly.

This means clean code, well designed and supporting almost all popular SEO plugins that give you more control over the use of the good metadata in the right place and without bloat.

Powerful AJAX

AJAX Where Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a group of techniques used in web development that allows a web page to communicate with a server without reloading the page. This is best observed when researching the products. You know you don’t have
Site powered by AJAX each time the category changes or the product sample is updated, the entire page flashes and reloads.

Not with WoodMart. By using the best technology available, we’ve avoided this problem with product galleries of all kinds with stacks of possible types and types that just update when you select them. It gives your customers the kind of experience you expect from a
online market leader today. Meet their expectations with WoodMart for WordPress – Easy.

Over 70 demo websites. 370 prefabricated sections

A great website should have a nice offer of demo layouts to get you started and we recognized it as early as …


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