December 1, 2021

Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers

Download Fluxus - Portfolio Theme for Photographers by intheme. This item is under the category: wordpress/creative/photography and had a total of 6565 sales.


Presentation of version 1.8

  • Gutenberg blocks are now supported. When editing the content in the admin area, you will see the same styling as on the actual website.
  • The quality of the code has improved to match the requirements of ThemeForest.
  • Slight design adjustments to refresh the look.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed issues with IE Edge, Android Mobile, and WordPress 5.3.

Presentation of version 1.7

  • Support for self-hosted videos and “uncontrolled playback” in portfolio projects.
  • Portoflio projects support self-hosted videos.
  • Design adjustments.
  • Improved performance and stability.
  • Updated admin user interface for project media.

After updating your theme to 1.7

  • Visit the administration area. During the first visit, Fluxus will make all the required data modifications.
  • Visit Appearance> Customize and update your accent color. This will regenerate the CSS accent color.

Presentation of version 1.6

Presentation of a brand new Fluxus Lightbox.

  • Improved mobile user interface to support a full set of actions: pinch, pan, pan, tap, double tap.
  • Added support for zooming on mobile.
  • After showing an image, a higher resolution image will be loaded in the background and then displayed when ready. This translates to much better quality on high resolution screens.
  • Controls reorganized to be more intuitive. The Close button is now in the upper right corner – a more common area.
  • Updated opening animation with a smooth transition.
  • Modern one-click navigation with smart indicator.
  • If the user is inactive for 8 seconds, all controls will turn off.
  • The charging indicator will only be displayed if charging takes more than 800ms.

Presentation of version 1.5

New key features of Full Page Slider:

  • Support for YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted video.
  • New user-friendly administration user interface.
  • The positioning of the content is much smarter. The nearest corner is used when calculating the position, which allows more precise positioning on different screens.
  • The width of the content area can be customized using the administrative user interface.
  • WYSIWYG editor that allows basic formatting of content.
  • Better performance, a smooth mobile experience, and improved visual details.

Page with background template replaced with full page slider
The page with the background template has been removed because the same visual style can be achieved by creating a full page slider using a single slide. Additionally, you get various customization options available in Full Page Slider.

Notes before updating to version 1.5

After installing 1.5, you need to visit the administration area. A background script will start and migrate your data to a new format. Next, please check all your pages which use the full page slider and the page templates with background. I tested the migration script several times, but you may need to adjust the settings to get the look you want. Hope you enjoy the new full page slider.

Full change log

Version 1.8.3 – April 27, 2020

- Improved: Added new option that provides an improved project navigation experience. Under Theme Options > Portfolio you can now select 'Clicking on project image: Scrolls into view or opens lightbox'. This option will by default scroll image into view or open lightbox if image is already in the middle of the screen.
- Improved: Added WP 5.4 Buttons block support.
- Improved: Added WP 5.4 Social Icons Block support.

- Fixed: Unable to customize Grid Portfolio image sizes when in Project Types settings.
- Fixed: Page title position when on pages with featured image.
- Fixed: Accent colour won't apply when Project Type is added to Secondary Menu (please change your accent color for changes to take effect).
- Fixed: Extra whitespace after saving Project Information.
- Fixed: PHP showed notices in some cases when visiting Full Page Slider.
- Fixed: Horizontal Portfolio layout issues on mobile.

Version 1.8.2 – February 16, 2020

Upgrade Note.

This update requires that you regenerate your images for optimal performance. Before doing so, make sure your Settings> Multimedia Image Sizes are set to: Thumbnail 500 × 500, Medium 768 × 768, Large 1024 × 1024.

Improved: Image performance. Reduced amount of custom image sizes used by Fluxus. Before each uploaded image would generate 16 different smaller images now this number was reduced to 7. Making uploads faster and saving bandwidth. Fluxus will use default image sizes founnd in Settings > Media. Recommended sizes are: Thumbnail 500x500, Medium 768x768, Large 1024x1024.
Improved: On mobile devices smaller images will be used for better performance and without compromising quality.
Improved: Improved: Lazy image loading strategy: additional project images will be loaded if network is idle.
Improved: video tags can now be embedded in project embed area.
Improved: Implements new wp_body_open tag.

Fixed: Projects with a lot of images were slow to load since Fluxus 1.8.
Fixed: Embedded videos on project pages were not working when viewed on mobile.
Fixed: Aspect...