December 6, 2021

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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TheGem is a versatile, responsive, and capable WordPress theme with a modern creative design to accommodate a multitude of creative website building uses.

A gem for everyone

Designed and developed as an ultimate website building toolkit of design elements, styles and features, TheGem will help you create efficient website in minutes, without touching a line of code. Don’t waste time coding, explore your creativity!

TheGem has been carefully designed for a variety of creative uses with such flexibility that it could truly be called the Swiss Army Knife WordPress Themes!

With over 40 unique versatile design concepts, 150 stunning demo pages, eight navigation settings in over 20 styles, plus flexible layouts, the possibilities are truly limitless. Perfect for business affair of any size and for any purpose, creative agency with whimsical ideas, including full functionality WooCommerce Fashion Store out of the box, your website will come to life in minutes. This theme also covers the needs of freelance,
photographer, architect & digital artist, offering amazing wallet features with dedicated designs to meet individual needs. As experienced blogger looking for the unusual blog layouts
that help to stand out, you will be inspired by TheGem blog features.

If you are a designate looking for a website with flair, then look no further. TheGem was built with creative passion at heart, collaborating with the best designers on, you’ll find some stunning designs that we know you’ll love.

TheGem for WordPress offers everything to cover your ambitions and creative needs. Not convinced? Try it out and check out some of the amazing demos NOW!




Why TheGem?

Take a look at our demos and you’ll quickly see 45 different reasons. Its design is impressive, the features and options are creative and well balanced. There is nothing unnecessary and odd here – every design, style, layout and functionality has been well thought out, based on years of building experience. multipurpose WordPress themes. This results in a huge toolkit of a theme that gives you maximum creative freedom and ease of use, that’s our promise.

Ultimate creative power

The main intention of TheGem was to create a WordPress theme for businesses, agencies, online stores, photographers, bloggers and designers that would give maximum creative freedom to users little involved in design and coding. The result is impressive: with over 200 styles for over 50 pieces of content, you can absolutely create unique designs in a few minutes. It is a really easy to use one stop wordpress tool store.

Future-proof design and functionality

The design of TheGem is based on an in-depth analysis of 2016 web designs by UX Pin. This theme reflects modern trends in UI / UX design in a unique way, without boring traditional approaches. TheGem is a new design experience, aiming to achieve both sober and crazy ideas in a minimalist or excessive way – ultimately the choice is yours.

TheGem has over 40 comprehensive design concepts, each featuring their own unique style and character. These are not just reskins; Each demo has been extensively researched and features carefully researched design concepts, with a myriad of business types covered.

TheGem was developed for high performance and fully optimized for modern devices including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, as well as mastery Good SEO practices. That is why when buying TheGem you can be sure that you are getting the winning website in the long run.

Safe, no bloat, targeted utility

TheGem only focuses on the add-ons and functionality needed to build a diverse and unique website. By reducing the dependency on plugins and optimizing the code, we have achieved much more stable and secure theme than many others versatile themes on the market today. You can rest assured that with TheGem your new website is secured, the test of time,
fast and yet still packed with intuitive and awesome features without the bloat.

Extensive plugin compatibility

Focusing on what users need and expect with a versatile theme, TheGem has been optimized for compatibility with the most popular plug-ins from the WordPress plugins directory. This gives the end user the peace of mind that compatibility with industry best practices has already been achieved for you, we promise no complicated conflicts.

Fast facts

  • Built in collaboration with featured designers from
  • Covers key UX / UI design trends of 2017
  • Strong emphasis on usability and user experience
  • Perfect for businesses, agencies, online stores, businesses, portfolios, blogs, photography, landing pages, apps, single pages, full screen vertical scrolling, real estate, architecture, interior, construction
  • Fully responsive, mobile and retina ready
  • Can be used as a multi-page and single-page website
  • Includes full screen vertical scrolling
  • Multiple header and footer layouts
  • Unlimited sidebars with more than 20 …


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