July 24, 2024

FoodBakery | Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme

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FoodBakery Restaurant WordPress Theme is a complete and personalized package for single / multiple restaurant listings.
FoodBakery offers membership options and membership packages for restaurateurs from which they can manage their restaurants, manage their menus, reservations, teams, memberships and payments. Restaurateurs can register on the theme as “Restaurant” and team up and create their online restaurants and menus from their dashboard.

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A few salient features

Easy to Manage Merchant Dashboard (Restaurant Owner)

The FoodBakery Multiple Restaurant system has a simple and easy to manage merchant/restaurant dashboard where the restaurant can easily register through social logins and can manage their restaurants, create menus, manage orders and reservations, manage memberships , manage shifts, income, withdrawals, statements and manage account settings like change password etc. A complete online restaurant management system.

Separate panel for restaurant owner/user

The FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system was designed for websites that provide a marketplace for restaurants on their sites where users can make reservations/order online. So, it comes with separate dashboards for administration and restaurants. Admin can set membership packages from back-end with price and expiry date, review option, set payment gateways to receive payments and much more.

Email alert for orders etc.

Ordering online is a matter of convenience. Users who order through FoodBakery Restaurants System have a built-in email alert system that keeps the user informed of orders placed. When placing an order, the user receives an email on the given email address containing the complete order details like Order ID etc.

Payment gateway for online payment

FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system comes with four default payment gateways, Paypal, Skrill, Authorize.net and wire transfer for merchant listing websites to charge their users against membership, restaurants can charge users to reserve a table online or place an order online.

WooCommerce Gateways

With four default payment gateways, the FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system also has Woocommerce payment gateways when default payment gateways are not supported or not the first choice. With Woocommerce, any payment gateway in the world can be used. Such ease definitely puts the administrator on a rocking chair.

Easy reports for admin and merchants

The admin and merchant dashboard has the easiest ever separate place that prepares reports for admin and merchants. Admin can view orders, reservations, earnings, statements and withdrawals with just a few clicks in an organized and easy way.

Multi-restaurant food portal

You have several restaurants and you want to manage them on a single site? FoodBakery is perfect and specially designed for managing multiple restaurants. Merchants/restaurants can add as many restaurants as they want and can manage them all in the same dashboard.

Unlimited merchant registration with flat rate or commission basis

Install the FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system and authorize your website to allow unlimited merchant registration on your registration website by offering them the membership package of your choice. Merchant registration is done with a single click using the social login option. Each user will have a separate dashboard to manage their restaurant.

Social Login

For an SEO or online services website, the user registration process is very important. On a FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants website system theme, merchants and users can register via social login details like Facebook, Twitter without any complicated registration process. Admin can enable/disable this option from the back-end.

Unlimited users

The FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system theme is for websites that offer online services like online booking and ordering to their users. Thus, the user registration process is paramount to this website. Using this theme user registration is fantastic and super easy. Simply enter the social media login details and the user registration process is complete.

Easy menu builder with drag and drop

For restaurant and restaurant websites, the menu is a key element. The FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system comes with a superb drag-and-drop menu creation feature. (Special characters are not supported). In the merchant dashboard, there is a menu creation option that works on the drag and drop procedure. Choose the element, drop, save and all is done.

Fully responsive theme

In the age of multiple devices, being responsive is a staple feature for a website. FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system theme is fully responsive and best adapts to all devices of all browsers. On a mobile, laptop, tablet, or desktop, it works best at the minute level. Every element is perfect and designed for every device we open. A perfect theme for lovers of perfection.

Merchant order management

Merchant dashboard in…