June 24, 2022

Listeo – Directory & Listings With Booking – WordPress Theme

Download Listeo - Directory & Listings With Booking - WordPress Theme by purethemes. This item is under the category: wordpress/corporate/directory-listings and had a total of 4463 sales.


This Directory and Listings With Booking – WordPress theme is one of the best. The list is endless and it even allows you to create packages and charge for each of the listings. The theme has a front-end dashboard with ratings and review options, as well as a monetization system that allows you to charge for user-submitted listings and package deals. It also allows you to give different ratings to each listing based on different criteria.

Listeo has a robust monetization system, and supports multiple payment methods. You can charge your users for listing submissions, offer packages, or monthly subscriptions. You can even charge your customers to book a local service. For every listing you sell, you will earn $5, which you can then send to the supplier. The payment system is flexible, and you can always upgrade your packages at any time.

The Listeo template is very powerful, as it allows you to add your own store for listing listings. You can also display advertising widgets on your listing pages. This enables you to manage your inventory, shipping, and billing. You can also choose to monetize the listing submissions with a flat or percentage commission model. Additionally, the theme comes with an advanced booking system, which is a hidden WooCommerce digital order. It is highly secure, and you can upgrade to a premium package anytime.

With the extensive features of Listeo, it’s easy to use for any business. You can use it for your listings and have private messaging, as well as a front-end user dashboard. All of these features are easily accessible without having to know much about coding. As a bonus, it’s free for download, so you can use it for free right away.

The newest version of the Directory & Listings – WordPress Theme for Travel, Accommodation and Listings aims to connect buyers and sellers through a web portal. You can charge users for their listings, packages, and bookings with a range of monetization options. This plugin can even integrate with multiple premium plugins. There are no complicated settings to configure.

It has a dark mode that allows users to browse the site in low-light conditions. Its intelligent private messaging system lets users easily contact listers. This theme is a great choice for travel websites, and it can also be used for directory and listings websites. The best part is that it’s free and can be installed in a matter of minutes. There are no extra fees.