December 7, 2021

15Zine – HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme

Download 15Zine - HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme by codetipi. This item is under the category: wordpress/blog-magazine/news-editorial and had a total of 7662 sales.


15Zine v3.3 + is compatible with: WordPress 5.8, PHP 8.0, Gutenberg, WooCommerce 5.7+, etc.

Important: If you are upgrading from 15Zine v3.2.2 or earlier, be sure to read the update section of the documentation for how to perform a smooth update to v3.3.

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15Zine WordPress Magazine / Journal Theme for 2020

15Zine is a cutting edge WordPress magazine theme created for 2020 and beyond. 15Zine is a ridiculously versatile WordPress journal theme out of the box with a built-in review system with unlimited criteria / pros / cons making it a powerful review theme – For the homepage you can use the 15zine’s exclusive and powerful drag and drop generator to create and layouts. Posts can turn into great stories, using 15Zine’s powerful and featured picture styling system with multiple picture styles including smooth parallax style. You can also use 15Zine as a powerful review theme for your site. 15Zine also comes with extensive compatibility and styling for WooCommerce and bbPress. You can also turn your regular image integrations into full screen image integrations, all with no shortcodes or code required! Just a little bit of 15Zine magic

On top of that, you can use 15Zine’s exclusive Trending mega-menu option to showcase your most popular posts of the moment / week / month and find countless thoughtful options dotted around the theme, including the ability to mute the zone. header inside a post to maximize the featured image style output or the beautiful gallery post type. It’s not 1998 anymore, modernize your website and make it look like it’s 2017.

Oh and this was all created by an established Elite Author with an author rating of 4.83 out of 5 stars from over 1000 customer ratings. So you know you’re getting great code and features.

Home page features

  • Build your own homepage using the powerful and exclusive 15Zine homepage drag and drop builder (no shortcodes or codes required! Horrah at that)
  • 4 different modern grid modules (3, 4 and 5 items), 4 different slider options (1 image per slide, 1 image per slide and full screen width, 2 images per slider, 3 images per slide) and a hybrid grid / slider (3 posts per slide) to display your posts in a modern way.
  • Full width slider to display featured articles or latest articles.
  • Custom images or background colors
  • General custom colors (menu hover colors, review areas, etc.)
  • 9 very different blog style options for homepages that display the latest posts:
    • Blog Style Standard
    • Blog style portrait (no sidebar)
    • Blog Style Two
    • Blog Style Grand
    • Blog Style Thumbnails
    • Mix of coarse and standard
    • With full screen grid featured 3
    • With 5 fullscreen grid featured
    • Infinite scrolling
    • Infinite scrolling with Load more button
    • And many others…
  • Endless scrolling options: All blog styles can use “Normal Pagination / Infinite Scroll / Infinite Scroll with Load More Button”

Examine the theme options

  • The rating system comes in three different styles: stars, percentage or points
  • Option to include a score subtitle to appear under the final score
  • Unlimited number of criteria
  • Unlimited number of advantages and disadvantages
  • Option to enable / disable user reviews (user reviews) – Note: When a user leaves a review, a cookie is left on the visitor’s computer with a value of “1”, which means that the user voted on this post, so users cannot vote twice on the same post
  • Option to create editor review only / visitors only / visitors and editor review

Features of the publication

  • Give the featured image inside each post a photo / video credit line to credit sources
  • Co-author compatibility Plus! With 15Zine, your posts will show all authors in the signature (if enabled)
  • Optional drop cap on / off option
  • Fully integrated assessment / assessment system
  • Option to make the image fit full screen width
  • Sidebar can be left / right / off
  • Option to choose to use any sidebar
  • Each article can use its own set of fonts for the article. Useful for special items that require a particular font style
  • Post Format: Gallery post type allows you to create gallery and create full screen gallery. Landscape and portrait images work great, no cropping!
  • Post format: video (capable of embedding YouTube / Vimeo / Kickstarter / Viddler videos) and appearing in a featured image overlay
  • Post format: video option to replace the featured image with a video or to make the video appear when the user clicks the play button superimposed on the featured image
  • Post format: audio option to replace the featured image with an audio embed, or make the audio appear when the user clicks the play button that is superimposed on the featured image
  • Post Format: audio Capable of integrating Soundcloud or uploading self-hosted mp3 using HTML5 audio (you can upload .mp3 file, …

15Zine - HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme